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Robert Garbett

Chief Executive

Robert Garbett, the founder of Drone Major Group, is an ex-army entrepreneur who ended his military career in 2007 as the head of airworthiness for the Defence Logistics Organisation. With his CAA Airworthiness accreditation, he embarked on a career in software development and cybersecurity, then focusing on the fast-growth drone industry. This background represents an unusual combination of experience, skill set and intellectual capital, which contributes to the unique position and opportunity for Drone Major Group in the global drone market.

Gary Renault

Director of Operations

Gary comes from South Africa with a background of 16 years in Aviation and has held various positions across many spectrums. These have given him solid exposure to operational, financial and property management as the CEO and Executive Director of Grand Central Airport. He was a director responsible for the Africa & Aerospace Defence Exhibition every 2 years. He held the position of President and Deputy President of the Airports and Aerodromes Association of Southern Africa for over 7 years. He had a voting seat on the South African Civil Aviation Regulations Committee and National Airspace Committee and associated working groups and subcommittees to draft and approve regulations for the Civil Aviation. Gary also has many years’ experience in airlines having worked in Comair Limited, the South African franchise for British Airways and LLC

James Fanshawe

Director of Maritime

James Fanshawe retired from the Royal Navy in 2005 after five commands and an appointment as the Director of Plans at the UK Permanent Joint Headquarters. James works within a mixed commercial portfolio. He is on the board of the SEA-KIT and the Anglo Belgian Shipping Company and is a frequent conference chairman and speaker. He chairs the UK’s Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group, which has released codes for the safe operation of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships.

Mark Caney

Director of Training Strategy

Mark spent six years in the British Army, then went on to establish a dive centre in Cyprus, where he lived for eighteen years. In the late 1980s, he led an award-winning, four-month-long diving expedition. In 1996 Mark moved back to the UK to take up a series of senior positions with PADI. He became a qualified commercial drone pilot in 2016. Since 1999 he has been instrumental in writing and negotiating a series of ISO and EN standards covering training and has carried this expertise into the world of Unmanned Aircraft Systems where he is presently jointly chairing a panel writing ISO standards for the training of UAS pilots.

Lyndon Fisher

Director of Construction Strategy

Lyndon is a highly experienced cost planner, quantity surveyor and project manager. His distinguished 40-year career spans 3 different countries and includes a wide range of projects vital to the country’s infrastructure and urban development needs. Lyndon specialises in the measurement, evaluation and review of construction works to determine budget and risks, assisting clients in developing their projects without losing control of the costs. A strong supporter of innovation and technology; Lyndon holds a drone pilots license and conducts quantity surveys using photogrammetry.

Dr Bruce Macaulay

Chief Advisor Connected Vehicles

Dr Bruce Macaulay has spent 40 years working within the Transport Technology sector both with private companies and government bodies. His scientific specialty is technology for future mobility. This includes specific interest in Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) together with the supporting technologies of functional safety, electrical electronics and software engineering and the effects of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Bruce’s experience includes managing and implementing highly complex projects at strategic and operational levels.

Brent Day

Director of Airspace Integration

Brent Day has been employed within aviation for nearly 40 years as both an air traffic controller and latterly as an acknowledged Air Traffic Management specialist and expert. He has an extensive knowledge that covers all aspects of the ATM services implementation, including regulatory, safety and facilitation requirements. As a result, Brent has been leading stakeholder engagement processes on behalf of DfT to help develop regulatory and operational solutions to enable safe and efficient drone integration into the UK airspace environment. He has also been working with stakeholders and regulators on facilitating GNSS operations for drones throughout Europe.

Mark Wharry

Director of Defense & Aviation Strategy

Mark Wharry is an ex-RAF fast jet pilot, instructor and examiner, with 20 years of aviation experience. He has flown the Tornado GR4 in combat missions and on exercises around the world, before volunteering to train with the USAF on the MQ-9 Reaper RPAS. He became the RAF’s most senior unmanned examiner, and the first ever Central Flying School instructor to be given an ‘A’ category on RPAS. In the private sector, Mark has worked for some of the world’s largest defence contractors and aviation training companies, and has advised up to government level around the world on UAS standards and regulation.

Roger Charles Isaacson

Sensor Technology Consultant

Roger is an experienced engineer with wide-ranging experience in all forms of electronic security. He learned the skills of Integrating complete security systems by designing and managing major projects worldwide, from initial design concept to successful implementation. He is dedicated to achieving the desired results in a thorough and cost-effective way. His professionalism and attention to detail yields high performance, underpinned by a high quality ethic. His capability ranges from control room design and layout, to the training of technicians and operators.

Magnus Hakvåg

IP & IPR Specialist Advisor

Hakvåg has 19 years of experience within innovation, IP, IPR, standards and entrepreneurship. He has been a lecturer and researcher at the NTNU Center for Entrepreneurship and a National expert at CEN TC 389 Innovation Management (EN TS 16555-series). At present Hakvåg is the CEO of House of Knowledge AS and National expert and Convener for Terminology and Vocabulary at ISO TC 279 Innovation Management and involved in the development of the OECD Oslo Manual 4ed:2018. He is part of the European Commissions - “Joint Initiative for Standardisation - Action 3” and has been a consultative body for the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and commerce on IPR and Standards. Hakvåg originally holds a degree as MSc. in Biophysics and Medical technology from NTNU.

Ian Collen

Drone Magazine Editor

With 17 years of experience in the magazine industry, Ian is the editor of Drone Magazine, which launched in 2015. Featuring interviews with industry professionals, whether that’s a CEO of a major company or an aerial photographer working on their own – and sharing their stories and some amazing case studies. Working with magazines largely with a tech-based nature – starting with PCs (on an introductory level), then moving into home cinema (when DVDs were a big thing!) and then into videogames. His first videogame position was on a magazine for the original Xbox, way back.

Michael Page


Michael recently finished his military career, 21 years service, after being medically discharged May 2019. Michael comes from a variety of disciplines within the Armed Forces but his niche function is delivery of UAV's, strategically and tactically for all operational outputs within the MOD. Having become one of the most invaluable experienced drone instructors the Army had to offer, with overwhelming operational drone flying hours, was appointed the lead number one, SMIG, Sergeant Major Instructor Gunnery role at the Royal School of Artillery, RSA, QUI, Qualified UAV Instructor after a year of assessments within a 15 years time frame (Pilot, Commander and Captaincy). More recently became a Key strategy planner for the MAA in the safe flying practice of forgiven UAV's, multinational, in UK airspace for future operations as the main director of operations for the Multinational force entry UAV implementation team. Ensuring publications, policies and procedures where implemented at every stage including government level aids were established and read into the schedule of practice. Furthermore, re engineered the future UAV concept for Land Sea and Air users ensuring standardisation amongst governance was achieved in a safely manner across Tri Service. Providing a generic safety course for all UAV sys and practices, including overseas.