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For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 20 7458 4088, anytime 24/7

Terabee - Inspection Drone Kit

The TeraRanger Inspection Drone Kit is used for drone pilot aid and utilizes the small, lightweight (8g) and high-performance TeraRanger One distance sensor/s (8g) and a small electronics board to interface to the live analogue video feed. Drone pilots benefit from fast distance-to-target data being streamed to their live video feed to assist with complex flights in close proximity to potential obstacles and hazards. 

The Detail

A graphical user interface allows you to choose where on your screen to display the distance values and to set certain parameters. For example, threshold distances can be set so that, if you fly closer than your set distance on a given axis, the distance value will be shown in a highly visible ‘flashing mode’ to alert you to the potential hazard.

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Two kits are available, one with a single sensor and the other with three sensors, but the solution can support up to 8 sensors, simultaneously monitoring different directions. The kit contains:

● Either 1 or 3 TeraRanger One Type B sensors ● 1 TeraRanger Distance OSD board ● Sensor to OSD cables (50cm long) ● Cables for power and data transfer

Want to monitor more axis? Simply add more TeraRanger Type B sensors to your order.

Field of View Advantage

An advantage of TeraRanger LED technology is that it enables the sensor to have a “Field of View” so that, rather than measuring distance based on a very small point of laser light, the sensor measures over an area. At a 1m distance, the area is approximately 3cm by 3cm. At 10m it is approximately 30cm by 30cm, increasing linearly with range. For many drone applications, this is a significant advantage, enabling you to detect small hazards that the laser may miss. It also provides a more appropriate and stable data stream when flying a drone over vegetation, close to trees or other irregular shaped objects that need to be detected at high speed.